If you would like a portrait of an individual (person or pet) it is best to send a few good pictures so the artist may choose which is most suitable for painting.  We can also compose a multiple subject portrait from individual pics.

For the background we can recreate the actual scenery of the photo or we can leave it up to the artist.  Unless specified otherwise, she usually keeps it simple with a complementary color but we can discuss other scenery or colors if you choose.

Photo tips:

  • The quality of the photo will affect the outcome of the portrait so if you are emailing your pics please send them in the highest resolution possible.
  • If you are taking a new photo consider the lighting and take it outside in full daylight if appropriate.  Try to compose the shot with more subject and less background.
  • It is also important to get on the same level as the subject .  If photographing a small child or pet crouch down or put him or her on an elevated surface.  This will prevent a result that appears warped especially if we are changing the background.
  • Last but not least make sure that there is nothing overlapping the subject unless you want that object in the portrait.